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June ‘17: 




Spirit hunters, a Paris France based alcohol app and website, asked me to speak about my current spirit projects but I said that they are works-in-progress due to Byzantine Thai laws*. Instead, I suggested that we experience general hot topic issues such as street food and illegal brews in Thailand, particularly demonstrating how in the kingdom illegal can become legal (black to white) and vice versa. I also showed them many videos and articles such as Cole's and from BK-Mag so hopefully they get the background write up correctly. https://youtu.be/dR7l-O3eHb0, http://bk.asia-city.com/tags/street-food, https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B95Jr8n6zNCqWGNXdVZUVVc0V1U


* Foreigners like myself working on chalong bay (“rum agricole”), iron balls (“gin”), isan (“rum”), nikkii (various), lamai (“rum”), etc. could only apply for a local village level distillery license with Thai partners. Though we have achieved some local and international recognition, we remain tiny as Thai Excise restricts us to producing "white spirits" using 5hp total heat/electrical energy and 7 staff. In no way would we ever compete with the local liquor behemoth Thai bev.
On the brewing side, no craft beer maker is allowed to mount challenges against local duopoly Thai bev (chang, federbrau) or boonrawd (singha and leo) via brewing licensing restrictions and – worse – distribution bundling and other barriers to market access.