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Jul12, ‘19 https://bk.asia-city.com/nightlife/news/these-local-distillers-are-pushing-thai-spirits-world-stage

Correction: An earlier version of this story named Alex Chou as a partner in Malai rum. He was only involved with the brand under its old name, Lamai.

Jan16,’18  http://bk.asia-city.com/nightlife/news/bangkok-drinking-trends-2018


They actually asked me to give three gin is like craft beer comments…

As long as beer has malt and hops whereas gin has juniper, an alcohol maker can create whatever style and include additional flavors they desire.

For a period of time (post WWII), we only had boring lagers and a few London dries, but now the average consumers wouldn't even know where to start at a bar or shop, whereas "connoisseurs" can proffer their snoberry.

 (In Thailand context and growth of specialty bars) distillers will introduce more brands because it can still sneak in under "laokhao" whilst introducing a variety of styles.


 DEC4,‘17:  http://bk.asia-city.com/nightlife/news/bangkok-booze-experts-essential-spirits      





Bangkok booze experts name their essential supermarket spirits

Pro picks for setting up your own home bar.


DEC 04, 2017

The vermouth: Martini Vermouth Extra Dry

As recommended by:

Alex Chou, distiller and co-creator of Grandma Jinn and Lamai

The price: B989 (Tops)

“There are better vermouths, sweet vermouths that I'd drink on the rocks, but this one’s perfect for martinis. Some people use a dash in other cocktails or to wash the glass.”

Actual response for inquiry about essentials for home bar set up and specific question, “Ok, Martini Vermouth dry. Can you tell me why this item is essential for the home bar Please?”:


Bombay or any London dry

Bacardi dark and white

Jameson or Suntory


Martini vermouth dry and sweet


All else grocery (e.g. citrus, sodas, tonic, etc.)

You can get the above pretty much anywhere in bk and major beach areas

For martinis of course, though most people use a dash in cocktail, or wash the glass, or as Harry Winston did just flashed the bottle at his martini. But traditional martini was 2 part vodka 1 part vermouth.

Of course there are much better vermouth but martini extra dry is everywhere. There's also sweet vermouth that'd I'd drink on the rocks. But normally I love negroni anyway.

Also I just thought that I should change the whisky to a bourbon like Maker's Mark. More cocktails were invented in America to cover the shit alcohols they made before around prohibition (e.g. old fashioned) though I prefer easier and cheaper in Thailand Irish Jameson (whisky soda, high ball, etc.)

Spotted and skewered by friends at the Bangkok Post…