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AUG SEP ‘15:


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MAR10 ’15: http://2-mag.com/the-bitter-truth/ Enlightened Inebriation: The Bitter Truth
          (Text: Trevor Ranges – Photography: Christopher Wise – Spirits: WTF Cafe & Gallery, Joeseph Marinari, and Alex Chou)


“ Moving on to gin-based cocktails, we started with a pair of gin martinis with Alex’s homemade hooch in one glass and Gordons in the other. As mentioned in the magazine article and seconded by Chris, early recipes of the martini featured orange bitters: in ours, Hella Bitters Citrus. The bitters were more noticeable with the less complex Gordons than with Alex’s gin as the latter features a more complex and robust combination of spices in its creation, including lavender, all of which overpowered the subtle citrus bitters.”